Derrick Lee Bradshaw Sr.

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Derrick Lee Bradshaw Sr.
"Infinite diversity in infinite combinations"
  • Residence:
    United States
  • City:
    Decatur, IL
  • Age:
  • Total Company Asset Summary
  • Total Properties 40
  • Total ARV Value $3,290,000.00
  • Total Invested Value $2,032,000.00
  • Asset Growth 61.91%

Quality Home Locator

Quality Home Locator

Welcome to Quality Home Locator

Founded in 2004 to help local residents find high caliber homes for sale or rent, Quality Home Locater has established itself as an invaluable community resource. We are located in central Illinois and service the Macon County area and we have an abundance of homes available to choose from. Our focus is to provide quality service to those looking for their next home. We offer homes for rent, sale, or contract for deed. We provide counsel before, during, and after every transaction. So, whether you are looking for a home to rent, or buy, we are the ones to call. Locally owned and operated by Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. and his staff. You can have peace of mind knowing we are there for you.



Exploring the Hidden Gem: 1520 N Summit Ave, Decatur, IL 62526

Decatur, Illinois, is a city filled with charming neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Nestled in one such community, …

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Exploring Decatur, IL: Fantastic Places for Tenants to Visit

If you’re a tenant in Decatur, Illinois, you might be searching for fantastic places to visit and explore during your …

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Why Choose Us

Quality Home Locator offers a variety of rental styles and sizes to choose from. Once you find the perfect place and join our family of residents, we will provide service, support and a top notch resident experience.

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