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This category lists all the companies I either work for or own. Each entry to this section consist of a profile style page listing information about my role with said company and company information such as: website, social media links, ownership, year founded and a brief description.


Website: http://www.thehiddenlair.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thehiddenlair
Year Started: 1993
Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Manager: Andy Still
Description: The Hidden Lair, formally known as The Lair, is a gaming shop in the Central Illinois area founded by Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. The store’s original location was in Mt Zion on 121 where the current Ace Hardware resides. The store was moved to Decatur in early 2000 and purchased by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. where it operated on the corner of Wood and Jasper. The corporation started to use it’s connections to branch into more than just hobby and gaming products and soon the gaming part of the store was put on a back burner. Even though most of the attention was given to these other products, this small gaming store continued to supply gamers with much needed content. In early 2010, this store closed down and moved back to Mt Zion where it occupied a very small building in downtown Mt Zion. With the corporations attention no longer being diverted, The Hidden Lair was given the growth it needed, and Oh-My have they grown! The Hidden Lair is now located in a brand new building with room to host weekly sanctioned events in games such as Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.


Website: http://www.homemade-laundry-soap.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hmlaundrysoap

Year Started: 2013

Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

Description: Suds -n- Shine is a homemade laundry soap manufactured right here in Decatur, IL. The product smells so great and works so well; free samples are being given away at the website. Just visit the website above for details on how to get your free sample.


Website: http://www.duetwesteastunity.com


Year Started: 2013

Owner: Natalia Pechman

Description: Natalia Pechman lives in St Louis, Mo and immigrated here from Russia in 2006. Based on her experiences and those of her friends it was clear a need was there to help people who immigrated here from Eastern Europe. She decided to create a professional matchmaking service that specializes in helping in this process. Her background and current career makes her the perfect person to provide this service.


Website: http://www.andrewcraigbrown.com


Year Started: 2012

Owner: Andrew Craig Brown

Description: Andrew Craig Brown is a bass-baritone that has worked with such conductors as Christoff Campestrini, Lucasz Borowicz, Speranza Scappucci, Giuseppe Grazioli and Shinik Hahm.  Andrew performed undergrad studies at Millikin University and graduated from Yale University, where he earned both his Master’s degree in music and his Artist Diploma while studying with Richard Cross.  Mr. Brown has sung Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and the Yale Philharmonia and brilliantly performed Don Giovanni in “Cosi fan tutte”.


Website: http://www.grha.net/


Year Started: 2000

President: Don C. Musick, III.

Description: Great Rivers Habitat Alliance (GRHA) was founded in 2000 in order to directly combat the growing consumption of the 100-year Confluence Flood Plain through commercial development. Primarily comprised of St. Charles County flood plain land owners, GRHA tackles the policies permitting wholesale flood plain development and encourages thoughtful alternatives.


Website: http://www.worldaquarium.org/


Year Started: 1971

CEO: Leonard Sonnenschein.

Description: The World Aquarium is located within the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. If you have not had a chance to visit the Aquarium, I suggest taking a weekend and traveling to St Louis. The wonders of the water are at your fingertips with this amazing aquatic ecosystem from around the world. I have been consulting on projects with Leonard, the CEO, since 2009 and he is a true visionary and a delight to work with!


Website: http://www.mikewilhoitaccounting.com


Year Started: 2009

Owner: Michael Wilhoit.

Description: Michael Wilhoit purchased Sherry Palmer Tax in 2009 and has been providing great service as Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service to the Greater Decatur, IL area ever since. The firm is now based out of Mt Zion, IL, which is just a few minutes from Decatur and an easy commute for both existing and new clients. Some of the services offered by Willhoit Accounting & Tax Service include tax planning, compliance, and preparation; budgeting and forecasting; business analysis, planning, strategy, and execution; business entity formation and business consulting; trust and estate accounting; and personal accounting services. Willhoit Accounting & Tax Service can assist you in your day-to-day activities, as well as provide that much needed protection for you or your business.


Website: http://www.theamericangarage.net


Year Started: 2011

Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. & 3D Houston.

Description: A joint venture between my company and 3D Houston Design this show is designed to bring quality programming back to TV. The American ingenuity still exist inside every garage in this country and this program intends to showcase that spirit. That pioneering “Can Do” spirit is our motto and is a constant thread running through every episode with quality content and a general theme of learning. If you have items you wish to see repaired, restored or you would like be a guest on our show please visit our website to contact us.


Website: http://www.hostexa.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hostexa

Year Started: 2000

Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

Description: Hostexa was formed in late 2000 as the web hosting division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  Serving its community and abroad for over 10 years they have provided quality web hosting with cutting edge technology.  Cutting edge servers are used to support a robust range of services provided by the worlds leading control panels; cPanel and Plesk.

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