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5 Bedroom house for rent near Millikin University: 312 South Mc Clellan Avenue

Quality Home Locator has been pretty busy over the last 6-12 months.  Last week the company updated its Millikin Area Housing page with a new property located at 312 South Mc Clellan Avenue in Decatur, IL  62522.  Even though this property was just purchased and remodeling has not started, there is a 5 person group already interested in the property.  However, no lease has been signed on the property yet.   I did sign a lease yesterday on 1368 West Wood in Decatur, IL  62522 and that property is now rented for next school year (2013-2014).  There still is a 3 bedroom house near Millikin available at 26 Fairview Place Decatur, IL  62522.

Hardware and software upgrade at Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and Hostexa have announced last month that February was chosen for a month of system wide upgrades.  Bradshaw Consulting has been working on an upgrade to its Billing system and Hostexa has performed hardware upgrades on the majority of its machines.  I’m very proud of my entire staff as these upgrades were perform with little to no interruption in services.  It seems the biggest issue affecting the customers related to passwords.  Security measures on the machines were enhanced and this left some user accounts unable to login until a password reset was performed.

Chris Harrison endorsed by Central Illinois Polical Action Comitte (CIPAC)




March 15, 2013

Phone: 217-422-2200
Email: customerservice@decaturchamber.com


For Immediate Release


Endorsements Announced by Central Illinois Political Action Committee (CIPAC)

Decatur, IL – CIPAC announces its endorsement of support for the following candidates for the Decatur City Council, Decatur Park Commissioner, and the Decatur School Board.


Decatur City Council:

Decatur Park Commissioner:

Decatur School Board:


CIPAC conducted live interviews with the candidates to further understand their views on issues facing Macon County including: economic development, education and attracting and retaining businesses and population in Macon County.


After careful review of their individual policy positions, CIPAC chose to endorse the candidates that will best promote Macon County’s business climate.


The April 2013 local election will be critical to the future of businesses in Macon County. CIPAC voted to endorse candidates who will provide support crucial to area businesses once elected. CIPAC recognizes the importance of having these pro-business candidates in office as a powerful voice advocating on behalf of the business community.


About the Central Illinois Political Action Committee (CIPAC):
The purpose of CIPAC is to improve government and business in the State of Illinois by assisting candidates seeking nomination and election to state and local offices in Illinois and by supporting or opposing public policy issues.

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2012 Yearly Pumpkin Carving

I just now realized I never published this blog and it has been sitting in my draft section since October.  Every year Carmen’s family does a Pumpkin carving and last year we did the 2011 pumpkin carving at our house.  However, his year it was done at Eric’s house.  I look forward to doing this every year.  It is nice to be part of a family tradition.  It ended up being dark once all the pumpkins were carved so we took the picture inside.


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