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Here you will find items such as my resume, social network links and companies I am associated with or working for.  I’m founder  and CEO of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. which is an IT management and consulting firm. Over the years this company has grown into not only a computer consulting firm but a business consultant in general. My direction with that company and personally has led me to work with other companies helping them grow and increase profitability. Over the years Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and myself personally has started and partnered a wide variety of businesses. Feel free to visit the projects section to see more about these and other companies I’m associated with. I’m in the process of re-branding most of the websites I’m associated with and I will add them to this section as they are completed.

The photo album contains photos of my family and friends, feel free to browse them at your leisure 😀

Please check back often for updated information, and if there is something you’d like to see that isn’t here, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Castaloy Website Upgrade Plus Free Shipping On Orders Over $60.00

Earlier this year I announced Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. was going to start upgrading its network of websites.castaloy  We started with the Alloy websites because I felt those sites were so old, it was causing the customer experience to be less than desirable.  Last year I have spoken to several of our regular buyers of these products and confirmed my hunch.  My wife and I have been so busy with all of the day to day operations with Quality Home Locator, Bradshaw Consulting, and The Hidden Lair, that we just did not have time to get everything done.  Over the last couple of years, we have focused on hiring quality people to help insure our customer base would be properly taken care of.  This has also allowed us to spend some much needed time with the family in general.  I promise my free time will not be spent on gardening, as my blueberry experience failed not just the first time growing blueberries, but also my second time growing blueberries.  The Mandarin tree died such a horrible death.  I just could not get rid of the mites, or whatever was growing on her.  My other trees however are doing a great job.  I will post updates on my Asian Pear Tree, Gala Apple Tree, and Tilton Apricot Tree later this year.   Although all three trees have gotten pretty good size, only the two apple trees have bared fruit.

Alumaloy received a website upgrade first this past January.  Followed by Castaloy which got a website upgrade last month.  Steelaloy is being redone right now and should be announced later this month.  At this point I do not know which main website will get upgraded first, Quality Home Locator or Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  I have separate teams working on their upgrades at the same time.  Based on customer feedback, we are also providing free shipping on orders over $60 dollars.  Once all three of the alloy websites are complete we will start rolling out new products such as non-lead based repair product for cast iron cookware.   We also have entire new metal alloys for metals such as copper.

I can not get my head around the fact that it has been 6 years since the red carpet event at our house.  Oh man does time fly!


Aluminum Repair Rod Website Upgraded

I have been so busy over the last few years that my websites have really suffered. My blog has not seen any updates from my family and almost every website has been untouched. The Hidden Lair and Quality Home Locator have been growing so fast, it has taken every bit of our time to keep up.  Dustin is stationed in Japan, Devin is living in Kansas working at Cerner, Jacob is about to finish diesel school, Jessikah will be driving this year, and the younger boys, Derrick and Connor, are both in Jr High.  Dustin is not in this most recent family photo due to his station to Japan.  

 We are very proud of the service he is giving to all of us, but having him away is hard.  Jessikah has been babysitting more lately and has started her own Facebook page for babysitting.   Derrick Jr. has been helping out at The Hidden Lair which has been a big help to Andy and Jesse.

2017 is going to be the year of upgrades and improvements. I have several new eCommerce stores that will be launching this coming year as well as all the current websites will be upgraded. I’m starting with Alumaloy, one of my alloy websites, which will be the first of several alloys to get an upgrade.  I even have a few new alloys that will launch this year.  I plan to also upgrade my other sites like Quality Home Locator which should go live in the next month.  Quality Home Locator will get virtual tours, updated photos, and floor plans for each house.  The design will also undergo a very dramatic change, but the logo will stay the same.   Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and Hostexa will also get a full upgrade in the next couple of months.  While all the changes will get an extensive feature upgrade we are not sure how drastic the design will change on each site.

The Hidden Lair gives back to the community

The vision at The Hidden Lair has always been about providing a safe and fun place for people of all ages to share in the love of games. That is why we keep buying games and adding them to the free demo shelf. We do run a large amount of card game tournaments like Friday Night Magic, but the store also carries a large variety of board games for people of all ages. One of my very favorite games right now is Splendor, a very quick paced game using cards and chips. Set in the Renaissance time, players, (who are the merchants), try to buy gem mines in order to acquire points to win the game. It is very simple, easy to learn, and loads of fun! We have many customers come in to check out our games and among those have been a few teachers. They communicated to us how much they love using games as a learning manipulative for their students. This got us to thinking, and we have come up with Vote for Your Favorite Teacher Contest. The teacher with the most votes will win some cash to spend in the store and add some games to their classroom! No purchase necessary, just come into the store located on 121 in Mt Zion and cast your vote.

The Hidden Lair has donated funds to some really great local organizations. Northeast Community Fund is one of those groups that really does a great job in our community. For the Month of December, we plan to donate some games to this amazing organization. Board games have provided many amazing memories for my family and I wish to pass that along to others.

Commander 2014 At The Hidden Lair

One of my favorite formats for Magic The Gathering is Commander. The rules are pretty simple, you construct a 100 card deck and are only allowed one of each non-basic land card. You have a commander, a legendary creature, that you can summon from your general zone. Each time that commander, or general, dies he costs an additional two colorless mana. He also does count as 1 of your 100 cards.

Commander is normally a format played outside of Friday Night Magic, however, it can be played for FNM, or like our store it is played after the events ends. The Hidden Lair does have a Commander League that plays over a series of weeks having a total prize payout at the end.

Last year’s Commander Decks were such a hit that Wizards of the Coast has produced its third year of Commander Decks. Unlike last year, these decks are Mono-Color and they have planeswalkers as Commanders! Yup, Planeswalkers! The Five decks are Guided by Nature, Forged in Stone, Sworn to Darkness, Built from Scratch, and Peer Through Time. You can read all about these decks at The Hidden Lair’s blog where Joshua W. Garrett has been writing about each of these amazing Commander Decks!

Gaming Store Decatur, IL

The Hidden Lair has just reached it’s 1 year anniversary with Andy Still at the helm. We have had a very successful year and seen growth in just about every area of the business. Part of our success can be attributed to the great deals and prizes we offer up to our customers. We firmly believe the store is a representation of the gamers that play there. As a kid I can remember spending a lot of my teen years at the local gaming store and this helped shape who I am today. I’m very proud to provide a place where kids can hang out in a great environment and learn while having fun doing so. Saturday has turned into an amazing day with games such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Dice Masters, Magic the Gathering and Free play using The Hidden Lair Demo Shelf. The demo shelf is filled with free games that can be played at anytime.

Although the store will be closed on Thanksgiving, Andy does have some really great deals planned for this weekend. The Black Friday Sale in Decatur, IL can be seen here.

Adam Dunn and Joshua W. Garrett have been blogging on The Hidden Lairs website for a month or two now. They are doing a great job!

3 bedroom house for rent in Decatur, IL at 2551 East Division

Quality Home Locator–Adding New Properties Regularly!

Quality Home Locator is growing every month by adding new properties to our list of available rentals. The past few years have seen rapid growth in the rental market. Our mission has always been to exceed the norm in rental homes and service. We are committed to tenant satisfaction and to helping property owners receive worry free income via our property management services.

2551 E. Division in Decatur, IL is a 3 bedroom/1 bath ranch with hardwood floors and a beautiful kitchen. It also has a large fenced in backyard and deck for entertaining. This home will have a brand new refrigerator and stove with washer and dryer also included. This house is ready for occupancy!

Quality Home Locator plans to announce next week that it will return to the market and start selling houses again. About 10 years ago Quality Home Locator renovated and sold about 12 homes per year. The company gave prospective buyers the ability to customize his/her home. Once pre-approved and a letter of intent was signed that person was given the ability to make choices such as picking fixtures, paint colors, flooring type, and much more.

Visit the company website or call the office at 217-864-6485 to learn how to schedule a tour!

Millikin student housing school year 2015-2016

Quality Home Locator has been servicing the Millikin area for student housing now for over 10 years. Leaving dorm life can be a nerve racking experience for both students and parents. Students are ready for the experience of living totally for themselves, and parents want their adult children living in a safe, economical environment. Back in 2011 I wrote an article highlighting some the aspects of living at college with off campus housing. My company strives to meet everyone’s needs with our rental properties. We have a variety of 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom houses for students in quiet areas that are convenient to everything that Millikin has to offer. Rent varies according to the number of students renting a house, and always includes trash service and water. Students and parents have easy access to staff to voice any questions or concerns they may have. QHL works under the principle that well maintained student housing benefits everyone. We also offer incentives to students who refer others to our company. Just like in previous years, Millikin school year 2014-2015, our properties fill up before the end of winter break. Call us at 217-864-6485 for more information about what homes are available for the 2015-2016 school year. Students are looking now!!!

A new addition to this year is our office located within the same plaza of The Hidden Lair. If you don’t mail your check in and prefer to visit the office to make your rent payment you can enjoy the large free demo section offered at The Hidden Lair. The Hidden Lair also hosts large events for such games as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the famous FNM or Friday Night Magic.

The Decatur Zombie 5K is back!

Friends of the Decatur Public Library is hosting the second annual Zombie 5k run/walk in Fairview Park. All ages are welcome and the registration fee of $20.00 will cover shirt, dog tag, and admission to the post race party. You will also be helping the Friends of the Decatur Public Library which is a non-profit organization. I personally will be donating to the event, but will be out of town and unable to participate. The Hidden Lair and Quality Home Locator will be doing some advertising at the event as well. Look for their booth to get your free swag. There will be free items to hand out that day as well as people to teach some of the hottest new games on the market. Tags will be given to runners that will be used as protection from the infectious zombies lurking around the park. Don’t let your brains be eaten by the zombie horde terrorizing Fairview Park.

If you are planning to run please sign up through active.com or in person by May 24th in order to get a T-shirt. Registration in person can be done at the Second Saturday book sale April 12th and May 10th from 9:30-12:30. The last day for registration will be Friday, June 6th, 2014.

The group is also looking for Zombies! If you wish to be a Zombie the only thing you need to do is come to the 5:30pm meeting on June 2nd at the library.

Race packet pick up is at the library before the race from 1:30-3:30pm on Saturday June 7th.

When: Saturday, June 7, 2014
Where: Big Pavilion Fairview Ave Decatur , IL 62522


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