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Website: http://www.theamericangarage.net


Year Started: 2011

Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. & 3D Houston.

Description: A joint venture between my company and 3D Houston Design this show is designed to bring quality programming back to TV. The American ingenuity still exist inside every garage in this country and this program intends to showcase that spirit. That pioneering “Can Do” spirit is our motto and is a constant thread running through every episode with quality content and a general theme of learning. If you have items you wish to see repaired, restored or you would like be a guest on our show please visit our website to contact us.

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About ventrue21

  • This is awesome!

  • As The American Garage gets started, the excitement seems to be building to a head of steam. When I first started the project,  I thought is would be just a lame video log of one of my off the wall projects. But, with people looking towards gardening again, being conscientious about the way their food is grown, waking up to wanting to be self sufficient again- the project and the show have really struck a chord with people. So I thought- surely, the women will be board out of their brains with this- but really, when I tested it on my women friends, they got all excited and asked what is next. So, the show really started taking shape. Then I discovered the tractor needed some metal repair, and I remember seeing this infomercial about Alumaloy, and thought- if I am going to do this myself, then maybe this would be a good product to try. I had a propane torch, but don’t really know how to weld. So, I called and ordered some, and my order was taken by none other then Derrick Bradshaw. He said that if I would take some video of what we used it for there would be some free product available in the future- if it was good. Well, I told him about the show, and he saw immediately that we were already marching down the same road. Being two small companies- we both know that it is better to team together as new ventures come along. It is insane how well matched we are in goals and objectives. So, The American Garage is winding up, and we are using the -aloy products and learning how to use them best. And truthfully, learning about the limitations too. I am looking forward to a long run on this, and there are many project to tackle- restoring old machinery, digging up old technologies that are still plenty useful (newer sometimes just means newer, not better), woodworking projects- I love woodworking!, garden planting, old agriculture ways, making solar panels, fixing stuff around the house, building cars and houses, and much much more. (Secretly, I want to restore an airplane- but I am not sure if that is over the top or not just yet). I want to make sure we focus on things an average person can do- but also- I want people to see that they can do great things- beyond what they think they can. Once, I started to tile my kitchen floor. A buddy came over and said ‘I didn’t know you could tile.’ ‘Neither did I’, I said. And the kitchen looks great to this day. That is the American spirit of ingenuity that I want to re-inspire in people. Someone told you that you can’t do it? Probably because they can’t themselves. So get off your rear and go do it! Prove them wrong, and have some fun and adventure while you are at it. Oh, and watch The American Garage!

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