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Website:  http://www.castaloy.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/castaloy

Year Started:  2005

Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

Description:  Castaloy is a cast iron repair rod that is used to fix items such as engine blocks, pots, pans, antique, figurines, Wrought Iron Fencing, Engine Blocks, Cast Iron Cookware, Pans, skillets and griddles, Stoves, Radiators and Fireplaces without the need of welding.  The website provides detailed instructions on how to repair cast iron as well as user feedback with photos and video.   Owned by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. I oversee the companies shipping division as well as retail outlets that handle this and other product lines.  The website was re-branded with a new logo in late 2010 as well as some new features.  Currently viewers to the website can sign-up to win free castaloy, details can be found on the castaloy forum.

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