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Commander 2014 at The Hidden Lair

One of my favorite formats for Magic The Gathering is Commander. The rules are pretty simple, you construct a 100 card deck and are only allowed one of each non basic land card. You have a commander, a legendary creature, that you can summon from your general zone. Each time that commander, or general, dies he costs an additional two colorless mana. He also does count as 1 of your 100 cards.

Commander is normally a format played outside of Friday Night Magic, however it can be played for FNM or like our store it is played after the events ends. The Hidden Lair does have a Commander League that plays over a series of weeks having a total prize payout at the end.

Last years Commander Decks were such a hit that Wizards of the Coast has produced its third year of Commander Decks. Unlike last year, these decks are Mono-Color and they have planeswalkers as Commanders! Yup, Planeswalkers! The Five decks are Guided by Nature, Forged in Stone, Sworn to Darkness, Built from Scratch, and Peer Through Time. You can read all about these decks at The Hidden Lair’s blog where Joshua W. Garrett has been writing about each of these amazing Commander Decks!

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