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Champions of the Lair – New Gaming store in Decatur, IL

The Hidden Lair has been reopened for a month now and the support is overwhelming. They see double digit turn outs for games such as Magic the Gathering, Catan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Heroclix, and many more. The very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament had about 20 participants. Andy, the store manager and part owner, came up with a great idea called The Champions of the Lair. Whenever the store holds and event the winner of said events is bestowed the title of Champion. He or she is interviewed and an article written about this person on The Hidden Lair website. So far ten skilled players have earned the title of Champion of the Lair hereby named.

Chris Earp
Nathan Jameson
Joshua L Thomas
Richard Neeley
Kyle Haley
Jordan Charles Hinton
Adam Walker
Chris Cheatham
Brad Boyd
Ben Linn

It is so great because I love to play Friday Night Magic and there is now a great place in Decatur, IL to go play and hang out. The Hidden Lair’s websites just announced this months promo cards for Friday Night Magic or commonly known as FNM. Another game created by the same company is called Kaijudo and a similar format is run on Saturdays called Duel Days.

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