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My Gala Apple Tree

  This tree was planted in the spring of 2012 and ordered during fall of 2011.  I received him in November with my Owari Satsuma Mandarin tree and he was already going to sleep.  My experience with planting trees is limited and so far I’ve had pretty good luck.  A couple years ago I started with an Asian pear tree that is in its 2nd year of growth and doing very well.  She has weathered a Japaneses beetle attack and the cicada invasion of 2011.   I ordered her during the spring so I acclimated her inside before she was planted in the back yard this year.  My Gala I ordered during the fall and he stayed inside dormant.  I planted him this spring once the weather started to break and other plant life started to come alive.  We have had a very odd spring with rain, summer heat, and cold weather all within days of each other.  I’m not sure if this is the reason for the trees very slow awakening.    Until this past week, I was not sure if he was dying or just in shock.  Perhaps it is a combination of the weather and the fact it was planted dormant.  However, with each passing day, he comes more and more alive and my kids are excited.  I will more than likely update the photo on this page to a more green living photo when that time comes.  As you can see by the photo below the tree is starting to wake up.

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