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How to plant blueberry bushes

  They always say “third time is a charm” and honestly I think there might be some truth to that.  I have tried to plant blueberry bushes twice over the last two years and with very little success.   However, I must say that with every attempt I have learned something and it did lead me up to the amazing hedge row of bushes I have now.  My first attempt at growing back in 2010 ended in a disaster as I ended up killing all the blueberry bushes.  My main flaws were that I had the bushes spaced too far apart and did not have them elevated.  It took me killing two batches of bushes before I realized the basics of what I was doing wrong.  So this year, I approached it a different way.  I tilled the ground of the area where the bushes were to be planted and added both top soil and peat moss.  This created a raised area for me to plant the bushes in.  I spaced them out about 12-16 inches apart. From left to right I planted a Chippewa, Blue Crop and Duke.  That pattern was repeated twice.  I finished with mulch around the plants which protects the roots by holding in moisture.  Everything is about managing water levels.  Planting them elevated helps for water drainage and putting them close together assures the water gets used up.  Even with the recent weather my bushes have done very well with tons of new growth.  This past week, the first week of July, we have had heat over 100 degrees and on some days as hot as 112!


My poor Asian pear tree has been fried and has lost about 3/4 of her leaves.  My Gala apple tree looks tired but he is really starting to open up finally.    The Owari Satsuma Mandarin Tree is just loving the heat and has recovered very nicely from winter.   I took some new photos  of my trees today and included them in my gallery and on this page.

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