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Jessikah and Derrick Pirate Birthday Party

  On Oct 16th, 2010 Carmen and I threw a pirate birthday party for Jessikah, turning 9, and Derrick Bradshaw, Jr.  , turning 8.  We started the party around 1pm and they were greeted at the door by us wearing full swashbuckling pirate gear.  They were asked to suit up with the pirate weapons, hats and trinkets and then asked to wait in the dinning room where they could color and grab some grub until everyone arrived.   The storyline for the party consisted of our treasure being stolen by an old deckhand and I needed help getting it back.  The party was a way for us to recruit young pirates to our cause.  Once the treasure is found, which was filled with tons of candy and toys,  I would share the loot with them and promote them to young pirate status.  Yes, a certificate was provided. 😀  We created a total of five clues that sent them around the subdivision and finally to the treasure.  The young pirates expected to see my old deck hand, Willy, there but were surprised when they found the treasure.  Of course Willy did not fair well and it was obvious his greed was his undoing!   As soon as they noticed the treasure everyone started screaming and I think a few of them even lifted little Willy up in the air and carried him off chanting they found the treasure.  LOL  Other than I might have scared a few parents with my costume I think the party went pretty well.

Here is a gallery with more pictures of the pirate birthday party.

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