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2011 red carpet movie premiere birthday for Derrick and Jessikah

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It has been a year since the pirate birthday party we organized for Derrick and Jessikah.  This year we decided to do a smaller red carpet premiere birthday party with family and just a few friends.  An invitation was sent out to all prospective guests informing them they were formally invited to a red carpet movie premiere to celebrate the birthdays of Derrick Bradshaw, Jr. and Jessikah Bradshaw.  Instead of a birthday cake Carmen had this really good idea to make huge rainbow cupcakes with gold glitter, which turned out great both in appearance and taste.  Pictures were taken as the guest arrived and walked down the red carpet. Once all the guests arrived, lunch was served followed by Zookeeper the movie.  As the kids were eating, I went down to Wal-mart and developed the pictures that  I had taken when everyone first arrived.  After the movie those pictures were put inside a star frame that each guest got to decorate and attach with magnets.  Last, but not least, after the craft was finished and the cupcakes were eaten, we opened birthday presents.  I’ve uploaded some photos from the party and you can see those by visiting the link below.

Here is a gallery with more pictures of the red carpet premiere birthday party.

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