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3 bedroom house for rent in Decatur, IL at 2551 East Division

3 bedroom house for rent in Decatur, IL at 2551 East Division
Quality Home Locator–Adding New Properties Regularly!

Quality Home Locator is growing every month by adding new properties to our list of available rentals. The past few years have seen rapid growth in the rental market. Our mission has always been to exceed the norm in rental homes and service. We are committed to tenant satisfaction and to helping property owners receive worry free income via our property management services.

2551 E. Division in Decatur, IL is a 3 bedroom/1 bath ranch with hardwood floors and a beautiful kitchen. It also has a large fenced in backyard and deck for entertaining. This home will have a brand new refrigerator and stove with washer and dryer also included. This house is ready for occupancy!

Quality Home Locator plans to announce next week that it will return to the market and start selling houses again. About 10 years ago Quality Home Locator renovated and sold about 12 homes per year. The company gave prospective buyers the ability to customize his/her home. Once pre-approved and a letter of intent was signed that person was given the ability to make choices such as picking fixtures, paint colors, flooring type, and much more.

Visit the company website or call the office at 217-864-6485 to learn how to schedule a tour!

Millikin student housing school year 2015-2016

Millikin student housing school year 2015-2016
Quality Home Locator has been servicing the Millikin area for student housing now for over 10 years. Leaving dorm life can be a nerve racking experience for both students and parents. Students are ready for the experience of living totally for themselves, and parents want their adult children living in a safe, economical environment. Back in 2011 I wrote an article highlighting some the aspects of living at college with off campus housing. My company strives to meet everyone’s needs with our rental properties. We have a variety of 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom houses for students in quiet areas that are convenient to everything that Millikin has to offer. Rent varies according to the number of students renting a house, and always includes trash service and water. Students and parents have easy access to staff to voice any questions or concerns they may have. QHL works under the principle that well maintained student housing benefits everyone. We also offer incentives to students who refer others to our company. Just like in previous years, Millikin school year 2014-2015, our properties fill up before the end of winter break. Call us at 217-864-6485 for more information about what homes are available for the 2015-2016 school year. Students are looking now!!!

A new addition to this year is our office located within the same plaza of The Hidden Lair. If you don’t mail your check in and prefer to visit the office to make your rent payment you can enjoy the large free demo section offered at The Hidden Lair. The Hidden Lair also hosts large events for such games as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the famous FNM or Friday Night Magic.

Millikin area student Housing Year 2014-2015

My company, Quality Home Locator, has been renting houses to Millikin students for over 7 years. Back in 2011, I wrote a guide to off-campus housing based on my experiences with helping other students as well as attending college myself. We are soon approaching the break between Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, which is normally when students start to look at housing for the next school year. Thanksgiving break will be upon us before we know it and having a house picked out before you leave during break greatly increases the chances of finding something that fits your needs or wants. It is very common that during this short period of time, Quality Home Locator will have a large portion of it’s properties leased out. Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you are interested in leasing a property next year.

If you have any questions you can contact my office at 217.864.6485. You can contact me directly via this website as well. Someone always monitors the company website and Facebook page if those forms of communication are easier for you.

5 Bedroom house for rent near Millikin University: 312 South Mc Clellan Avenue

Quality Home Locator has been pretty busy over the last 6-12 months.  Last week the company updated its Millikin Area Housing page with a new property located at 312 South Mc Clellan Avenue in Decatur, IL  62522.  Even though this property was just purchased and remodeling has not started, there is a 5 person group already interested in the property.  However, no lease has been signed on the property yet.   I did sign a lease yesterday on 1368 West Wood in Decatur, IL  62522 and that property is now rented for next school year (2013-2014).  There still is a 3 bedroom house near Millikin available at 26 Fairview Place Decatur, IL  62522.

Millikin University area student housing for fall 2013 and spring 2014

Quality Home Locator currently has 12 houses located near the Millikin University and will soon be announcing the addition of two new properties.  Over the next month or two, be watching the company website as well as my blog for these updates.  Many of the properties available can support up to 5 students in a group. However, many students have begun the lease signing process for the next school year so if you are interested, you may want to act quickly. The Millikin University area housing page shows which properties have already been leased out for the fall 2013 / spring 2014 and the fall 2012 / spring 2013 Millikin school year.  There is still some availability this year because of a few houses that were added late in the school year.   Because of the property management services there is a chance some of the properties are not yet listed.  If you need housing, feel free to contact my office at 217.864.6485 and my staff would be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.


How to guide: off-campus living

4 bedroom house in Forsyth, IL 62535

Quality Home Locator continues to grow at a staggering rate.  I have been blessed in just about every area of my business: properties for rent, Millikin area housing, property management service, and general contracting work.  The company released today on its website the addition of a new home at 248 Cale Court in Forsyth, IL.  This amazing 4 bedroom house is not the one you grow up in.  Everything from the floor to the ceiling has been upgraded to the latest amenity.  The house is already under contract and will not be available until May or June of 2013.  However, this date will sneak up on you, so if your interested, please contact my office right away to get started on the approval process.

3 bedroom house for sale in Decatur, IL 62521

Quality Home Locator announced today on its website a 3 bedroom house available for sale.  The property located at 1854 South Country Club Road in Decatur, IL  62521 sports a one car attached garage and a large shed. The deck has a short ramp to the driveway and wide halls and doorways make the home barrier free. Large, mature trees and lots of flowering shrubs bring an air of country living to the city. House is priced well below market value due the need for some updates and repairs. This could make a wonderful family home or a valuable rental property for investors.

2 bedroom houses available in Decatur, IL 62522

Quality Home Locator has two properties in the South Shores area of Decatur, IL that are available for rent. One property located at 2630 South Franklin will be available immediately upon the approval of your rental application. The second property located at 1340 West Semor will be available for September or October move in.  I would encourage anyone interested in either of these properties to contact my company via the website or phone.

Property Management in Saint Louis, MO

Back in 2011 Quality Home Locator announced it was going to provide property management services in the Decatur, IL area.  Since then the company has increased its Millikin area housing on the west end of Decatur IL as well as helped many clients find quality tenants in the Greater Decatur area.  Also announced back in May, the company has started providing property management services in the St Louis, Mo area.  With the successful addition of a few properties, Quality Home Locator plans to announce a few more within the coming months.  More information can be found on its website.

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