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This is a general category that will contain all updates for any work related topics. Updates will be made to this section if there is information to supply to the general public about a project or company I am associated with. Likewise I will also post information out my companies here as well.

New home for rent in Harristown, IL 62537

Quality Home Locator announced today a new house for rent in Harristown, IL.  The house, which is being property managed by Quality Home Locator, is available immediately and I don’t think this house will be available very long.  The owner moved the property to Harristown and the partially finished basement is brand new!  If you are interested in this property please contact my office for details, 1.217.864.6485

Wizkids heroclix april 2012 pre-order list Galactic Guardians!

Wizkids has done it again!  After the very successful Heroclix Incredible Hulk release and the Heroclix Superman release the company has just announced the release of the Galactic Guardians set.  Just like the previous sets you will be able to pre-order from my store.  The scheduled street date is April 4th, 2012.  I have created a list of all the items being released with this set and you can order directly from this website.  The “buy it by the brick” figures are being done a little different this time around.  Each brick will still come with one figure which will not ship inside the brick this time but you will have the option to purchase more figures, Marquee figure below, at a discounted rate at only $3.99 per figure.

We do have opt kits for this set as well as a few left from previous sets.  Contact our office for details.
Register to win a free Galactic Guardians opt kit

All pre-order items come with domestic Free Shipping!!

Brand new do it yourself show featuring the American spirit of ingenuity

The American Garage is a collaboration between Stephen Devine and myself that is centered on the American spirit of ingenuity.  A do-it-yourself project that takes a look at tasks that can be done right in your own garage or back yard.  Last week on December 1, 2011 the show debuted with its first episode.  This pilot, S01E01, introduces the concept of the show and it’s first project, The David Bradley project.  We are negotiating with a few local networks to air the series on tv but currently the show is only airing on the internet.

Earlier this year I added a page to my blog with a list of free items being given out by myself or companies affiliated with me.  The American Garage is giving a chance for someone to win a free trip to Texas.  If you have not signed up to win this amazing prize I suggest doing so today!

Web Hosting upgraded with more to follow

Before the Holidays I upgraded the web hosting control panel at Hostexa to include some much needed improvements.  I’m planning a much larger system wide improvement after the new year which will cover some hardware as well as software.  A few of the companies web hosting machines will be affected and a notice will be sent to you later in December if your machine will experience any downtime due to this upgrade.  When we do have outages from this kind of procedure it is scheduled for off times when the machines are normally not as active.

A list of free items

Last year Bradshaw Consulting Inc. ran a promotion for one of it’s businesses at Castaloy.com.  There was an overwhelming response to this promotion that awarded free cast iron repair rods. Over the weekend I had someone inquire about a list of all the free items or promotions that have been offered by Bradshaw Consulting Inc.   I have also been asked by other clients to help promote their products via promotions or contests.  In response to this apparent need, I have decided to create an area to list and promote these and other promotions within our group. This post will be updated often with current promotions and other special offerings. Please take a moment to bookmark this page if your interested in coming back to find out how to win free things.


  1. A Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  T-shirt
  2. A free rod of castaloy, a cast iron repair rod, with flux
  3. A free pound of alumaloy, an aluminum repair rod.
  4. A free year of web hosting at hostexa.com, winner may pick any package from the shared hosting section.
  5. Painted Feather Farms is offering a free breeding to Reserve World Champion, Superior Halter Stallion, Double Registered Sinatra On Ice.
  6. Win a free trip to Texas and a guest appearance on The American Garage.
  7. A free basic tax return by Wilhoit Accounting and Tax Services
  8. Enter to win a free Galactic Guardians opt kit
  9. Enter to win a free seat at the Sharkology Dinner & Silent Auction in St Louis, MO
  10. Order your free sample homemade laundry soap
  11. Enter to win a free box of Magic The Gathering!

Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. update

Over the past few months things have been very busy at Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.   This is the reason why I have not posted many blogs over the last few months.  While on a work related trip to Chicago I stopped at starving rock on my way back.  I plan to post some pictures and my experiences during that 10 mile hike.

Late last year we completely redesigned the corporate website while keeping the same logo and colors.  A large number of my clients loved the items like logo and colors but I felt the website was becoming old and outdated.  Earlier this week Hostexa, the web hosting division, also had its website redesigned to conform with the new design at Bradshaw Consulting.  The company also went through its control panel being upgraded to the latest version of Plesk which was much expected.  My goal is to release more content on this upgrade in the coming months.   The company also got a complete overhaul of its billing system which went live this week.  This also has many new features that will require some articles to better inform my clients of this powerful new addition to the services offered.  One of the biggest tasks I face is the organization of all the web hosting companies I have purchased over the years.  These companies have separate pricing, web design, services and before they were all handled via unique billing systems that ended up being inherited from the previous owner.   Now all of these companies are located under one platform.  This allows my employees to handle support and billing issues easier and with less time which equals better customer service and support.

Now the website at Hostexa has been completed I added the hostexa profile page to the my projects section of this website.

New Millikin housing page added to Qualityhomelocator.com

Quality Home Locator has expanded its Millikin housing this year.  Most of these properties have been filled for this coming 2011/2012 school year but there are still a few spots left. Please contact my office if you are interested. Even if you are not ready for off campus living this year, now is a great time to start planning for 2012/2013 school year.  Today, on the company website, a list of all approved Millikin housing was released.  This chart displays all the properties designated for College off-campus living, the amount of total possible rooms, as well as rooms available for the next 4 school years.  This gives students the ability to start planning for an off-campus living option well in advance and feel comfortable knowing they have a place secured.  I suggest bookmarking the off-campus living availability website so that when we update that page you will be first to know.  We will also announce these updates on the company website located at http://www.qualityhomelocator.com and so signing up for the company’s free newsletter is also a good idea.

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