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This is a general category that will contain all updates for any work related topics. Updates will be made to this section if there is information to supply to the general public about a project or company I am associated with. Likewise I will also post information out my companies here as well.

David Bradley project coming to an end.

I have been so busy the last few months with Quality Home Locator that I have not been able to update my blog on some of the cool things happening at a few of my companies.  The American Garage is wrapping up production on Season 1 and we have started to make some changes to the layout of the website.  Stephen brought up a great suggestion that we allow for more content on the website throughout the season.  There has been a great deal of discussion on forums about the project and fans of the show wanted to see more content.  The latest blog, fabricating the Throttle Linkage, was posted just a few days ago.  We have added a section for outtakes, field trips, and TAG minutes.  A TAG minutes is very short clip centered around content suggestion.  While on a forum last year, a user asked for Stephen to upload a video dealing with struts.

The American Garage Season 1 Episode 1
The American Garage Season 1 Episode 2
The American Garage Season 1 Episode 3
The American Garage Season 1 Episode 4
The American Garage Season 1 Episode 5

Duet West East Unity and Julia Sakharova

While I was visiting “The shark Lady” at an event for The World Aquarium, I was introduced to Natalia Pechman of Duet West East Unity. Natalia is a Russian immigrant who came to the United States in 2006 and has used her experiences to ease the process of moving to another country for others from Eastern Europe. Julia Sakharova, an accomplished violinist of the internationally acclaimed Arianna Quartet, exemplifies the type of person Natalia wishes to aid. Julia came here with her parents a few years back to further her education. Now engaged, she is a professor at UMSL as well as a violinist.  I look forward to seeing her performance in March at the Touhill Performing Arts Center in Saint Louis, MO.

$25 Sharks Up Close Tour for two at the World Aquarium!

$25 Sharks Up Close Tour for two at the World Aquarium!
The World Aquarium is offering an amazing deal starting today and continuing until the 9th of January!  My whole family has been on this tour and loved it.  Our children range in age from 7 to 19 and they all found it interesting. More information can be found about the tour on their website.  The Shark up close tour is amazing and highly recommended.  For Twenty Five dollars you can also take the Discovery Adventure Tour for two.  The link, which takes you to Today’s Deals, can be found below.

One of my families favorite parts of the tour was the sting rays.  I don’t think I have honestly seen sting rays this size in real life.  The tour starts off with us being allowed to cut up the fish we were going to use as feed and all of us wondered if the pieces were going to be to large.  My kids have seen the sting rays at the St Louis Zoo and we all wondered if they were too big.  You should have seen the look on their faces when those sting rays jump up to get the food, they were huge! You get to put the food right into their mouths! We also enjoyed getting to feed various other fish throughout the aquarium. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to answer all of our questions and to take as much time as we liked at each exhibit. The World Aquarium tour would be a wonderful teaching tool for homeschoolers as well as anyone interested in a veterinary field or for a unique date idea! Please check out this deal before it is gone. This is one of St. Louis’s many hidden gems!

Only $25 for the Discovery Adventure Tour for two or the Sharks Up Close Tour for two at the World Aquarium!

Classical Source reviews ENO’s new Julius Caesar staring Andrew Craig Brown

I would say Andrew Brown has done it!  It has only been a few months since his website launched and his debut in Julius Caesar at ENO is coming to a close.  I’m not surprised at the reviews he has been getting like the one posted at Classical Source.

“Andrew Craig Brown only got to sing one of Achillas’s arias, which was our loss, because both he and his voice made quite an impact”


Shortly after his debut as Achilla in Julius Caesar ENO signed Andrew on as Colline in La Boheme!  Congratulations Andrew!

Decatur, IL accountant and tax preparer

A good friend of mine Michael Wilhoit owns and operates an accounting firm here in Mt Zion, IL called Wilhoit Accounting.  It is about that time again to bring out all the holiday decorations and start preparing for big feasts!  However, what most people don’t like during this time is the end of year dance we all must do with the tax man.  Today I realized that I normally am very panicked right now wondering how I’m going to get everything done, but I’m not!  Yeah!!  I started having Michael take care of my accounting stuff about a year ago and the amount of time it has freed up is remarkable.  Wilhoit Accounting offers many forms of accounting and tax preparing services in the Decatur, IL area as well as Mt Zion.  Last year he announced on his company website a chance to win a free tax preparation and announced a few days ago he will be picking another lucky prize winner this year.  If you have not already entered please visit my list of free stuff to learn how to enter to win.  Those already enrolled to win should double check and make sure they are compliant with all the rules.

Andrew Craig Brown stars as Colline in La Boheme at English National Opera

Andrew Craig Brown announced last week that he will be staring in La Boheme as Colline at the English National Opera.  Set in poverty-stricken Paris, emotional music about a doomed love is brought to life by Puccini’s.  Two main relationships are focused on in this widely performed and world recognized opera.  That of the poet Rodolfo, who falls in love with the pretty but consumptive seamstress Mimì; and the painter Marcello, who has a glamorous and popular on-off mistress, Musetta.

For more information on this opera visits Andrew’s website via the link above.  For information about other performances at ENO visit their website for a full schedule.

Eugenie Clark aka “Shark Lady”

On October 17, 2012 The World Aquarium is having a fundraiser featuring shark expert, Eugenie Clark (AKA the Shark Lady).  Money raised at the Sharkology Dinner & Silent Auction will help benefit The World Aquarium in St Louis.  Students wishing to attend the lecture with Eugenie Clark can attend for as little as $10.  Interested parties can click here to download an invitation to this event. Please respond by October 1, 2012 and enclose a check made out to World Aquarium (701 N. 15th Street, 2nd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63103) or call 314-647-6011 with Visa/MasterCard. E-mail questions to info@worldaquarium.org.  My company Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  will be donating a full web design for auction at this event.
Eugenie Clark is a well known American ichthyologist. Thanks to her research on poisonous fish of the tropical seas and on the behavior of sharks she is also known as The Shark Lady.  Her use of scuba-diving for the purpose of research has really pushed our knowledge to new levels.


World Aquarium Seafari-Experience Adventure Tour on Eversave.com $12/ticket

Looking for something to do with the family?

This weekend Eversave.com is offering the following deal, $12 for a Seafari-Experience Adventure Tour at the World Aquarium — featuring the best parts of the larger Sea Camp.

Located within the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, the World Aquarium is not your average theme park aquarium. It’s a personable, hands-on oceanic oasis featuring aquatic eco-systems from throughout the world.

During the two- to three-hour guided Seafari-Experience Adventure Tour, your kids will feel like seasoned marine biologists as they touch, feed, and learn about stingrays, sharks, turtles and many more aquatic animals. They’ll further learn about the importance of conservation and the sustainability of our fresh-water ecosystems.

Grab multiple Saves for your family for an educational, underwater outing that makes fact as much fun as fiction.  Just visit eversave.com between the dates of January 19th and January 21st.

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