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3 bedroom house for sale in Decatur, IL 62521

Quality Home Locator announced today on its website a 3 bedroom house available for sale.  The property located at 1854 South Country Club Road in Decatur, IL  62521 sports a one car attached garage and a large shed. The deck has a short ramp to the driveway and wide halls and doorways make the home barrier free. Large, mature trees and lots of flowering shrubs bring an air of country living to the city. House is priced well below market value due the need for some updates and repairs. This could make a wonderful family home or a valuable rental property for investors.

Eugenie Clark aka “Shark Lady”

On October 17, 2012 The World Aquarium is having a fundraiser featuring shark expert, Eugenie Clark (AKA the Shark Lady).  Money raised at the Sharkology Dinner & Silent Auction will help benefit The World Aquarium in St Louis.  Students wishing to attend the lecture with Eugenie Clark can attend for as little as $10.  Interested parties can click here to download an invitation to this event. Please respond by October 1, 2012 and enclose a check made out to World Aquarium (701 N. 15th Street, 2nd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63103) or call 314-647-6011 with Visa/MasterCard. E-mail questions to info@worldaquarium.org.  My company Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  will be donating a full web design for auction at this event.
Eugenie Clark is a well known American ichthyologist. Thanks to her research on poisonous fish of the tropical seas and on the behavior of sharks she is also known as The Shark Lady.  Her use of scuba-diving for the purpose of research has really pushed our knowledge to new levels.




Website: http://www.andrewcraigbrown.com


Year Started: 2012

Owner: Andrew Craig Brown

Description: Andrew Craig Brown is a bass-baritone that has worked with such conductors as Christoff Campestrini, Lucasz Borowicz, Speranza Scappucci, Giuseppe Grazioli and Shinik Hahm.  Andrew performed undergrad studies at Millikin University and graduated from Yale University, where he earned both his Master’s degree in music and his Artist Diploma while studying with Richard Cross.  Mr. Brown has sung Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and the Yale Philharmonia and brilliantly performed Don Giovanni in “Cosi fan tutte”.

2 bedroom houses available in Decatur, IL 62522

Quality Home Locator has two properties in the South Shores area of Decatur, IL that are available for rent. One property located at 2630 South Franklin will be available immediately upon the approval of your rental application. The second property located at 1340 West Semor will be available for September or October move in.  I would encourage anyone interested in either of these properties to contact my company via the website or phone.

World Aquarium launches another great groupon deal!

The World Aquarium is offering the following deals on Groupon from Friday, July 27 through Monday, July 30.  http://www.groupon.com/deals/world-aquarium-1


They are offering:
  • $25 for sea camp (half-day) or survival sea camp (a $60 value). Students help out around the aquarium, and ages 12-18 can shadow animal keepers.
  • $25 for a discovery adventure tour for two (a $100 value), which includes two to three hours spent feeding and touching a variety of animals.
  • $50 for an extreme adventure tour for two (a $200 value), which lets individuals view, feed, and interact with creatures such as scorpions, sharks, and tarantulas.
  • $185 for a three-hour school-learning program for up to 10 kids (a $750 value) that includes behind-the-scenes activities, aquarium exploration, and classroom activities, all in line with state curriculum activities
The Survival Sea Camp and school learning program (Adventures in Learning) are both new.  Here is a link for descriptions:  http://www.worldaquarium.org/aquarium-tours/extended-length-educational-tours/

How to plant blueberry bushes

How to plant blueberry bushes
  They always say “third time is a charm” and honestly I think there might be some truth to that.  I have tried to plant blueberry bushes twice over the last two years and with very little success.   However, I must say that with every attempt I have learned something and it did lead me up to the amazing hedge row of bushes I have now.  My first attempt at growing back in 2010 ended in a disaster as I ended up killing all the blueberry bushes.  My main flaws were that I had the bushes spaced too far apart and did not have them elevated.  It took me killing two batches of bushes before I realized the basics of what I was doing wrong.  So this year, I approached it a different way.  I tilled the ground of the area where the bushes were to be planted and added both top soil and peat moss.  This created a raised area for me to plant the bushes in.  I spaced them out about 12-16 inches apart. From left to right I planted a Chippewa, Blue Crop and Duke.  That pattern was repeated twice.  I finished with mulch around the plants which protects the roots by holding in moisture.  Everything is about managing water levels.  Planting them elevated helps for water drainage and putting them close together assures the water gets used up.  Even with the recent weather my bushes have done very well with tons of new growth.  This past week, the first week of July, we have had heat over 100 degrees and on some days as hot as 112!


My poor Asian pear tree has been fried and has lost about 3/4 of her leaves.  My Gala apple tree looks tired but he is really starting to open up finally.    The Owari Satsuma Mandarin Tree is just loving the heat and has recovered very nicely from winter.   I took some new photos  of my trees today and included them in my gallery and on this page.

Property Management in Saint Louis, MO

Back in 2011 Quality Home Locator announced it was going to provide property management services in the Decatur, IL area.  Since then the company has increased its Millikin area housing on the west end of Decatur IL as well as helped many clients find quality tenants in the Greater Decatur area.  Also announced back in May, the company has started providing property management services in the St Louis, Mo area.  With the successful addition of a few properties, Quality Home Locator plans to announce a few more within the coming months.  More information can be found on its website.

English National Opera presents Andrew Craig Brown as Achilla in Julius Caesar.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be in New York when Andrew Craig Brown performed Don Alfonso in Cosi fan Tutte  at Yale.  The performance was amazing!  English National Opera just officially announced Andrew Craig Brown as Achilla in Julius Caesar.  I am so proud of his accomplishments and I’m privileged to have been able to witness his career unfold.  Andrew’s website is scheduled for release soon but his bio has been added to the Opus 3 website.


My Gala Apple Tree

My Gala Apple Tree
  This tree was planted in the spring of 2012 and ordered during fall of 2011.  I received him in November with my Owari Satsuma Mandarin tree and he was already going to sleep.  My experience with planting trees is limited and so far I’ve had pretty good luck.  A couple years ago I started with an Asian pear tree that is in its 2nd year of growth and doing very well.  She has weathered a Japaneses beetle attack and the cicada invasion of 2011.   I ordered her during the spring so I acclimated her inside before she was planted in the back yard this year.  My Gala I ordered during the fall and he stayed inside dormant.  I planted him this spring once the weather started to break and other plant life started to come alive.  We have had a very odd spring with rain, summer heat, and cold weather all within days of each other.  I’m not sure if this is the reason for the trees very slow awakening.    Until this past week, I was not sure if he was dying or just in shock.  Perhaps it is a combination of the weather and the fact it was planted dormant.  However, with each passing day, he comes more and more alive and my kids are excited.  I will more than likely update the photo on this page to a more green living photo when that time comes.  As you can see by the photo below the tree is starting to wake up.

Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC) near Millikin University in Decatur, IL 62522

The DISC, Decatur Indoor Sports Center, is a great facility located just south of Millikin University.  Quality Home Locator has many rental properties on the west end of town near the DISC and they offer a great yearly package for non-students.  Just a few hundred dollars per year gives your entire family access to the whole facility.  Most of our Millikin area student housing properties are conveniently located just a block or two from the DISC.  As of May, 2012 we only have one house available for the 2012-2013 school year.

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