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Gaming Store Decatur, IL

Gaming Store Decatur, IL
The Hidden Lair has just reached it’s 1 year anniversary with Andy Still at the helm. We have had a very successful year and seen growth in just about every area of the business. Part of our success can be attributed to the great deals and prizes we offer up to our customers. We firmly believe the store is a representation of the gamers that play there. As a kid I can remember spending a lot of my teen years at the local gaming store and this helped shape who I am today. I’m very proud to provide a place where kids can hang out in a great environment and learn while having fun doing so. Saturday has turned into an amazing day with games such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Dice Masters, Magic the Gathering and Free play using The Hidden Lair Demo Shelf. The demo shelf is filled with free games that can be played at anytime.

Although the store will be closed on Thanksgiving, Andy does have some really great deals planned for this weekend. The Black Friday Sale in Decatur, IL can be seen here.

Adam Dunn and Joshua W. Garrett have been blogging on The Hidden Lairs website for a month or two now. They are doing a great job!

3 bedroom house for rent in Decatur, IL at 2551 East Division

3 bedroom house for rent in Decatur, IL at 2551 East Division
Quality Home Locator–Adding New Properties Regularly!

Quality Home Locator is growing every month by adding new properties to our list of available rentals. The past few years have seen rapid growth in the rental market. Our mission has always been to exceed the norm in rental homes and service. We are committed to tenant satisfaction and to helping property owners receive worry free income via our property management services.

2551 E. Division in Decatur, IL is a 3 bedroom/1 bath ranch with hardwood floors and a beautiful kitchen. It also has a large fenced in backyard and deck for entertaining. This home will have a brand new refrigerator and stove with washer and dryer also included. This house is ready for occupancy!

Quality Home Locator plans to announce next week that it will return to the market and start selling houses again. About 10 years ago Quality Home Locator renovated and sold about 12 homes per year. The company gave prospective buyers the ability to customize his/her home. Once pre-approved and a letter of intent was signed that person was given the ability to make choices such as picking fixtures, paint colors, flooring type, and much more.

Visit the company website or call the office at 217-864-6485 to learn how to schedule a tour!

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