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Magic The Gathering: Born of the Gods Booster Display pre-order

The Hidden Lair, a division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., announced today Born of the Gods, the second set in the Theros block, is scheduled for release on February 7, 2014 which is on a Friday. Pre-orders will be sold at $99.99 per box, just call Andy at the store for details. 1.217.864.1851 The fun will be kick off with Friday Night Magic in Decatur, IL or commonly known as FNM. Players on the Hero’s Path will come to their stores to “Venture into the Wilds” and solve a puzzle hidden within the poster included in the Born of the Gods Launch Weekend kit. Players who solve the puzzle receive a copy of the Quest 5 Hero Card. So Decatur gamers, mark the date on your calendar.

World Aquarium Living Social Deals December 2013

The World Aquarium in St Louis has created some great deals for this winter. Follow the link below to purchase! The World Aquarium is located in the City Museum. This place is amazing, if you find yourself going to St Louis over the break visit them.

• $49 ($130 value) for a Discovery Adventure Tour for two
• $79 ($260 value) for a Discovery Adventure Tour for four
• $69 ($200 value) for an Insanity Tour for two
• $49 ($130 value) for a shark and stingray encounter for two
• $49 ($130 value) for a Thriller Tour for two


Champions of the Lair – New Gaming store in Decatur, IL

The Hidden Lair has been reopened for a month now and the support is overwhelming. They see double digit turn outs for games such as Magic the Gathering, Catan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Heroclix, and many more. The very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament had about 20 participants. Andy, the store manager and part owner, came up with a great idea called The Champions of the Lair. Whenever the store holds and event the winner of said events is bestowed the title of Champion. He or she is interviewed and an article written about this person on The Hidden Lair website. So far ten skilled players have earned the title of Champion of the Lair hereby named.

Chris Earp
Nathan Jameson
Joshua L Thomas
Richard Neeley
Kyle Haley
Jordan Charles Hinton
Adam Walker
Chris Cheatham
Brad Boyd
Ben Linn

It is so great because I love to play Friday Night Magic and there is now a great place in Decatur, IL to go play and hang out. The Hidden Lair’s websites just announced this months promo cards for Friday Night Magic or commonly known as FNM. Another game created by the same company is called Kaijudo and a similar format is run on Saturdays called Duel Days.



Website: http://www.thehiddenlair.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thehiddenlair
Year Started: 1993
Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Manager: Andy Still
Description: The Hidden Lair, formally known as The Lair, is a gaming shop in the Central Illinois area founded by Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. The store’s original location was in Mt Zion on 121 where the current Ace Hardware resides. The store was moved to Decatur in early 2000 and purchased by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. where it operated on the corner of Wood and Jasper. The corporation started to use it’s connections to branch into more than just hobby and gaming products and soon the gaming part of the store was put on a back burner. Even though most of the attention was given to these other products, this small gaming store continued to supply gamers with much needed content. In early 2010, this store closed down and moved back to Mt Zion where it occupied a very small building in downtown Mt Zion. With the corporations attention no longer being diverted, The Hidden Lair was given the growth it needed, and Oh-My have they grown! The Hidden Lair is now located in a brand new building with room to host weekly sanctioned events in games such as Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

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