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Quarriors! Rise of the Demons Expansion

Quarriors! Rise of the Demons Expansion

Corrupted Quiddity! Demonic Overlords! Corruption Spells! Epic Goo Burst! Do you have what it takes to overcome the corruption, or will you succumb to the demons? The choice is yours! This expansion to Quarriors!, the game of “Uber Strategic Hexahedron Monster Combat Mayhem,” comes complete with 20 custom dice, 19 playing cards, and a rules insert.

In this game of “Uber Strategic Hexahedron Monster Combat Mayhem,” players compete to capture the most powerful Spells and Creatures (in the form of dice!) from the Wilds and add them to their collection. Players then roll their powerful cubes and summon them into play to battle each of their opponent’s forces.

Phone:  1.127.864.6485

Register to win a free Galactic Guardians opt kit
Street date: December 14, 2011
Price: $19.99

Millikin University area student housing for fall 2012 and spring 2013

Quality Home Locator will soon announce the addition of two new properties near Millikin.  I would expect to see these properties added to the Quality Home Locator website shortly after the holidays.  My company supports groups as large as 5 students and has immediate availability for the school year 2012-2013.  The Millikin University area housing page allows students to check availability of our houses up to 4 years in advance.  We try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible but because of our property management services we do connect students with houses that are not listed on our website.  If you need housing, feel free to contact our office at 217.864.6485 and my staff would be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.


How to guide:  off-campus living

Web Hosting upgraded with more to follow

Before the Holidays I upgraded the web hosting control panel at Hostexa to include some much needed improvements.  I’m planning a much larger system wide improvement after the new year which will cover some hardware as well as software.  A few of the companies web hosting machines will be affected and a notice will be sent to you later in December if your machine will experience any downtime due to this upgrade.  When we do have outages from this kind of procedure it is scheduled for off times when the machines are normally not as active.

Best place to order plants online

Best place to order plants online
Earlier this summer I had ordered an Asian pear Tree from Clifton Nursery.  I was so excited when I received my package that I did not take any photos of how nicely the tree was shipped.    This was the first tree we planted in the yard at our new house and I spent a great deal of time pondering on the absolute best tree to plant.  We were still up in the air as to how many fruit trees we were going to plant so in the event it was the only one it had to be epic.  An Asian Pear tree just seemed like a good fit for me and my family.  As you can see from my other gardening blogs I’m basically greener than the lawn.  I ordered my tree during the year of the Cicada which lead to a massive battle between my tree and the Cicada.  I also planted during the spring which means my tree had to endure the Japanese beetles which it turned out the tree did well against the Japanese beetles.  Compare this to my very first attempt at growing anything back in 2010 and honestly I think the quality of the plant has every bit to do with the owners ability to grow it.

When we decided to get more trees there really was no question where we would get them.  I contacted John at Clifton Nursery and ordered two more trees for the back yard.  I was late getting them ordered so we decided go ahead and have them delivered but I would plant them first thing next spring.  My kids were asking if it was possible to grow a citrus tree here which of course it is not but John suggested we grow one inside.  I ordered a Gala Apple Tree, Harcot Apricot and an Owari Satsuma Mandarin.  The kids really wanted to mess around with an orange tree this winter which was the main reason why I went ahead and ordered all three now.  I’ve had them about 4 days or so now and everything seems to be doing well.  The apple and apricot tree have completely gone dormant.  As you can see by the pictures, the apricot was fully dormant when the order arrived, but during transit the apple tree lost most of its leaves and has since gone fully dormant.   I plan to blog more about the mandarin trees over the next few weeks.  I’m still in the discovery stage but I felt comfortable with the investment because John said if I needed anything to just call.

Clifton Nursery
1254 W. Olive Ave.
Porterville Ca. 93257

John Dhanens   1.888.209.4356

In my humble opinion the best place to buy plants online!



Website: http://www.worldaquarium.org/


Year Started: 1971

CEO: Leonard Sonnenschein.

Description: The World Aquarium is located within the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. If you have not had a chance to visit the Aquarium, I suggest taking a weekend and traveling to St Louis. The wonders of the water are at your fingertips with this amazing aquatic ecosystem from around the world. I have been consulting on projects with Leonard, the CEO, since 2009 and he is a true visionary and a delight to work with!

Still a proud father! Emperor Turkey Disguse

Still a proud father!  Emperor Turkey Disguse

This years parent visitation fell on the week of November 14th, 2011.  My son Connor Bradshaw was lucky enough to follow in my eldest son Derrick’s foot steps and have Mrs. Hatayama this year for 2nd grade as well.  We started off with Mrs. Hatayama reading a story to the kids about a turkey attempting to hide from the farmer during Thanksgiving which leads into one of the most fun activities I have ever gotten to participate in at the schools.  We are assigned a task to help a turkey disguise himself so the farmer will not attempt to cook him for the big Thanksgiving dinner coming up next week.  Last year, when Derrick was in Mrs. Hatayama’s class, we created a Darth Vader Turkey Disguise.

Connor wanted to stay with the Star Wars theme since it worked so well and he had a great idea for just the right disguise.  We were introduced to our turkey which turned out to be Gibbles, the 2nd cousin of Derricks turkey last year Gobbles.  I mean that does make sense since Mt Zion is such a small town.  This put a little pressure on Connor and I because it seems Gobbles has become infamously known for terrorizing his fellow family members.  The mission, which we totally accepted, was to not only find a costume to disguise Gibbles in, but to also  create something that would rival Darth Vader.  We offered to talk with Gobbles but turkeys can be very paranoid and he would not disclose his location.   However, Derrick was pleased to know that Mr. Gobbles is alive and doing well.  Connor decided we should do The Emperor Palpatine  which I thought was a great idea!!  Connor started working on the makeup while I started with his robe.  Once Connor created the light saber, I attached everything to him to complete the costume.  Finally, the only thing left to do was create a quote Gibbles could use in the event that his disguise failed him. I have to say that it is highly unlikely that this disguise would fail. After all, we are talking about the person that brought down the entire Republic.  However, in the event it does, we just need to enlighten the farmer to this fact.

How to guide to repairing stainless steel products

How easy is it to repair stainless steel products with Steelaloy?

Over the last few months we have published a guide to repair aluminum products with Alumaloy as well as a guide to repair cast iron products with CastaloyBradshaw Consulting, Inc. also has a product to repair stainless steel and it makes sense to release a guide to repairing stainless steel with Steelaloy  as well.  It requires a very similar process to both of the other metals and is really quite easy to do.   When performing this repair, keep in mind that cleaning steel can be a little more difficult.  However, you can do it with just a few tools and it can be done with very little practice or training.  Once you have done it a few times, you will be surprised at how easy it is to repair items that you once thought were hopeless.

Tools you may need:

  • Stainless steel Repair Rod(s) “Steelaloy rod(s)
  • Wire brush for cleaning steel
  • Wheel for cleaning steel
  • Sand paper for cleaning steel
  • pliers to hold Steelaloy rod
  • Propane torch to heat steel
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Safety glasses or face shield to protect your eyes and face
  • Stable work surface or vice to support the cast iron product needing repair
  • Rags for cleaning
  • Draft free work area

How to repair stainless steel products with Steelaloy:

  1. Be sure to use appropriate safety gear to protect eyes and hands.
  2. First identify the break. Then situate the steel product in a stable position on a flat surface or with a vice. This will keep it from moving while you work and keep you safe.  This area should be open but draft free.
  3. Once the steel in need of repair is secure, clean the break of debris. Unlike Aluminum but similar to cast iron this almost always requires a vigorous brushing with a metal brush or sand paper.  DO NOT FORGET, flux is an acid and should be treated with respect.    I have written an article on the proper way to clean and prep steel for repair.  DO NOT USE DEGREASERS OR CLEANERS THAT MAY BE FLAMABLE!
  4. Now that the steel break is clean and ready, you will use your torch to heat it.  Do not heat the Steelaloy rod.  You want the heat of the broken steel to melt the Steelaloy.  Keep the heat in motion over the area you are working with. Test the surface for temperature by pulling the torch away and touching with the Steelaloy rod to it. When the Steelaloy melts and starts to flow freely you are at the optimal working temperature. You will need to reheat that location from time to time to keep the Steelaloy flowing. Work the Steelaloy into the broken area, letting it fill in the hole or crack, switching from heat to Steelaloy.
  5. Once the break is covered thoroughly, allow to air cool. After the steel product is cool you may need to sand or grind it to smooth the surface or reshape it. This step all depends on the use or needs of the repaired steel product.

It is just that simple. Steelaloy was designed so anyone can use it to make repairs on everyday products. You don’t have to have special skills or be a welder to use it. Common sense, patience, Steelaloy, and a few tools will see you repairing all sorts of steel products. Never again will you have to throw something out because now, you do have the skills to restore them.

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