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New bradshawconsulting.com website launch!

The new Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. website went live this week and was announced on their website using the new newsletter subscription form.  I have a big year planned for all of my holdings so if you would like to get updates feel free to sign-up.  A company profile was added to my project page if anyone would like to learn more about Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

I’ve also made some other changes this week.  The control panel at Hostexa was upgraded and one of the highlighted improvements is the sitebuilder.  An easy to use web application designed to create and administer websites.  Information about this and the other improvements will be added to the site after its re-launch.  This website is also being re-designed but will keep the same look and feel as Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.  Once that website is finished I will add that company profile to projects section.



Website: http://www.bradshawconsulting.com


Year Started: 2000

Owner: Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.

Description: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., founded in 2000, was started as a consulting business designed to offer computer programming to businesses growing in the IT market. The need quickly arose for Bradshaw Consulting to offer not only IT related service but also general business building services such as marketing, infrastructure and management. As the company started to grow she began to notice niches within the local and global community and started launching business offering services to help those areas. Its founder Derrick Bradshaw is accredited with starting one of the first web hosting companies and laying the blueprint for the first control panel of which has been adapted and is being used by every webhosting company currently.

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